Windudes Computer Repair

Welcome to Windudes

Windudes provides affordable, In-shop or on-site technical support for  individuals and small businesses in the Warner Robins and surrounding areas. with years of experience, whether you only have one computer or twenty workstations, need a website built or need a lesson on using your PC. We can provide the know-how to get things running smoothly and keep them that way. From cleaning up virus, malware or spyware infestations to web design and maintenance, we get the job done professionally at a lower cost than the competitors.

Free Diagnostic

Have a computer problem? with our free diagnostic there is no obligation. Just bring in your computer and we will take a quick look at it, If we fix it during the Free Diagnostic it's still free.

Why not let Windudes be your IT team?

Mobile Devices

We now work on mobile devices!

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets (Ipad, Android, etc...)
  • E-Readers (kindle, nook, etc...)
  • Other Android & iOS devices


E-cycling begins with you.

Electronics waste is growing exponetially. Computers are used on average for less than three years. Recycling, or "E-cycling," these and other electronic items is critical for preserving landfill space and for ensureing that hazardous materials used to make electronics are properly disposed of.

Windudes is now accepting donations of old electronics for recycling.

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